Our project is continuously evolving, and we're committed to delivering the best AI-driven trading experience for our users. Here's a glimpse of our development roadmap:

Stage 1

Q3 2023: Launch DEXAI token and provide initial liquidity
In addition to the token launch and liquidity provision, we will also conduct an airdrop for active participants in the project. This airdrop serves as a reward for our community members who have contributed to the growth and development of our project. Stay tuned for more details on eligibility and distribution!
Q4 2023: Develop and train the initial version of our AI trading algorithm
During this phase, we will focus on the development and training of our advanced AI trading algorithm. To ensure optimal performance and efficiency, we will utilize cutting-edge hardware similar to the NVIDIA CUDA GPUs used in Google Colab. This will enable us to harness the full potential of our machine learning models, leading to more accurate predictions and improved trading strategies for our users.

Stage 2

Q1 2024: Integrate AI with Telegram Bot and launch beta testing for DEXAI holders
In this stage, we will integrate our AI trading algorithm with a Telegram Bot, allowing our users to receive timely trading signals directly through the popular messaging app. Access to the beta testing phase will be exclusively available to DEXAI token holders, ensuring that our early supporters can enjoy the benefits of our AI-driven trading insights. By this time, the value of the DEXAI token is expected to have increased significantly from its initial price, making access to our platform more expensive for non-token holders. As a result, owning DEXAI tokens will not only provide exclusive access to our cutting-edge trading tools but also grant users considerable savings compared to the costs that would be incurred by non-token holders.
Q2 2024: Refine AI based on user feedback and expand trading strategies and algorithms
During this stage, we will focus on refining and improving our AI trading algorithm by incorporating valuable user feedback. By actively engaging with our user base and addressing their needs and concerns, we will be able to enhance the performance and usability of our platform. As a token of our appreciation for their contribution to the project's development, the most active and engaged users providing feedback will receive compensation in the form of DEXAI tokens. This approach not only rewards the community for their support but also fosters a collaborative environment that drives the continuous improvement and success of our platform.
Q4 2024: Launch public version of AI trading platform with DEXAI token integration
By Q4 2024, we plan to launch the public version of our AI trading platform, which will be fully integrated with the DEXAI token. To provide our users with an optimal experience, we will develop both a web interface and a mobile application, giving them the flexibility to access our platform anytime, anywhere. Users will have the option to either receive trading signals or entrust their DEXAI tokens to our AI trading algorithms for managed trading. This dual approach caters to the diverse needs and risk tolerance levels of our user base, empowering them to choose the most suitable trading strategy. Additionally, at this stage, we will aim to list the DEXAI token on a Centralized Exchange (CEX) to further enhance its liquidity and accessibility, allowing more traders and investors to participate in our growing ecosystem.

Stage 3

Qx 2025 and beyond: Continuously improve AI, and develop new features based on community input
At this stage, our primary focus will be on the continuous improvement of our AI and the development of new features in response to community input. We will actively collect and analyze big data to refine our AI trading algorithms and strategies, ensuring that our platform remains at the forefront of innovation in the rapidly evolving DeFi space.
One of our key projects during this period will be the testing and deployment of DEX MACHINA, an advanced AI trading system designed to manage tokens entrusted to it for autonomous trading on DEX platforms. By harnessing the power of big data and cutting-edge machine learning techniques, DEX MACHINA will be capable of executing complex trading strategies, capitalizing on market inefficiencies, and generating potential returns for our users.
By continuously enhancing our AI capabilities and incorporating user feedback, we aim to create a dynamic, evolving platform that caters to the diverse needs of our user base and supports their trading goals in the long term.
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