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Frequently asked questions

What are crypto trading signals?

Crypto trading signals are pieces of information about upcoming changes in the price of a specified coin gathered through profound market analysis. It means they notify you about which "coin" and when you need to trade. They allow beginners to become part of profitable trading by minimizing the risks based on lack of market analysis experience. They can even be handy for experienced traders who can always compare the signals with their analysis to understand the market situation better. Summing it up, crypto signals allow you to earn on market volatility without investing time in market analysis.

Which cryptocurrency exchanges can I use your signals and recommendations?

You can use them for trading on Binance or any other well-known and trusted exchange. You can diversify your trades and use two or three exchanges (e.g. Bitstamp, Huobi, or Kraken) or just select the one you like the most.

How many signals do you provide per month?

First of all, we are engaged in creating portfolios, and signals are rather a by-product.

The number of signals depends on the size of the portfolio we are working with. Usually, a small portfolio contains more signals than large ones, where the risks are higher.

What is the difference between portfolio strategies?

⚡️ Short-term Portfolio
It is a strategy for small deposits up to approximately $50,000 in size. It means more trades, and therefore more work and more risks.

💵 Medium-term Portfolio
We have successfully managed this classic portfolio for the 3rd year in a row. Balanced risks, optimal number of trades per month. Apply this strategy if your deposit size is between $50,000 and $500,000.

🐋Long-term Portfolio
This is a long-term strategy for the big players. Strict risk management. Few transactions a month, a high percentage of deposit on the deal. The average trade profit is significantly higher than in previous portfolios. Use this strategy if your deposit size is above $300,000.

🏛 XRP Portfolio
After starting the lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC, many people were left with losses. This anti-crisis strategy can apply to any trading instrument. This strategy aims to unload the portfolio and reduce the average purchase price of the asset.

How do I pay?

  • First read through How to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple Guides to buying cryptocurrency;
  • Second, join our bot in Telegram and tap "Buy Subscription";
  • If you have a promo code, tap "Add Promo Code" and get your special offer;
  • Tap "Proceed to payment" to open invoice;
  • Copy the correct amount and address from the invoice and paste it into your exchange's withdrawal interface.
  • After the invoice is paid, you will receive the notification directly in the Telegram bot.

*The payment will be processed by the system automatically. It usually takes between 5 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the cryptocurrency you used.

How to use signals the “right way”?

It seems that there is nothing easier than just following the simple instructions and getting the profit. However, even for such a simple action as following crypto trading signals, you need to have some necessary skills. There are several essential indicators:

  • New buy order – indicates the price level of a coin and when to purchase it;
  • Buy price is changed - delete the old order and replace it with the new price;
  • Change depot - delete the buy order and replace it with the new amount we recommend;
  • Buy order executed - informs you when the buy order is executed;
  • New sell order – indicates the price level of a coin and when to sell it;
  • Sell price is changed - delete the old sell order and replace it with the new sell price;
  • Trade is closed - sell order is now completed and we can count the profit;
  • Depot (%) – a share of the deposit recommended for the deal;
  • Buy price has been reduced - indicates that the order's price has been reduced by trade profit from another trade.

You need to follow several hints if you miss the Buy and Sell signals.

Buying hints:

  • If you miss the "buy signal", and the market is lower than our "buy signal" we suggest you buy at the current price with the same amount.
  • If you miss the "buy signal" and see that the market price is approximately +1.5% from the given signal, we suggest you buy it according to the market price.
  • If you miss the "buy signal", and see that the market price is more than +1.5% from the given signal, we suggest you place a "limit buy order "and wait until it's executed.

Selling hints:

  • If you miss the "sell signal", we suggest you sell according to the market price if it is still profitable. Yes, you will get less, but profit is still profit.
  • If you miss the "sell signal" and the market price is already unprofitable, we suggest you place a "limit sell order" with %0 or +%0.25 profit and wait until it's executed.

What are basic trading instructions for beginners?

  • The money you plan to use for trading should not be your last dollars, saved for someone’s surgery, borrowed, credited, or stolen. Never forget that any market in the world holds risks and every action should be done with your own free will. We just provide the information that can help you make the decision. Invest what you are ready to lose and which will not create severe consequences for your life.
  • Never invest all your capital in one trade. Our traders always follow the golden rule – use only 2-5% of your capital per trade, depending on its size and how much you want to diversify your coin portfolio. For example, if you have $1000, then your investment should not exceed $20-$50 for each signal. This also means that you will always have free assets to enter the market, getting access to more profitable deals. Plus, you will secure yourself in case the market drops.
  • There is no single option to get 100% profitable trades. This is a very risky market where anything can happen.

Can I pay for access to only one trading section?

A purchase will give you access to our four different trading strategies. You will also get access to a private analytics section, where we publish information about our transactions in highly volatile markets.