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  • Bitcoin BTC
    24 Jan 2022, 20:52:07
  • Ethereum ETH
    24 Jan 2022, 20:52:07
  • Ripple XRP
    24 Jan 2022, 20:52:07

Speculative Quarter

We open deals at the beginning of the quarter and close them at the end β€” a speculative trading strategy for those who need to take profits every three months.

At the end of a quarter, we sell all coins and count profit in USDT .

  • Trading signals for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple XRP
  • Yield

    • Total201.2%
  • Number of trades

    • BTC36
    • ETH39
    • XRP24


This strategy is suitable for conservative traders.

Trade the most reliable coin that shows average volatility and provides you with a good profit.

  • You will receive buy and sell signals that will help you collect a Bitcoin portfolio at the best price.
  • Yield

    • BTC9.12%
  • Number of trades

    • BTC36

Ripple XRP

For speculators and those who are willing to take risks!

XRP is famous for its high volatility and unpredictability. Yet, according to our statistics, it showed the most significant increase in income.

  • You will receive buy and sell signals that will help you collect a Ripple XRP portfolio at the best price.
  • Yield

    • XRP440.01%
  • Number of trades

    • XRP156

The bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Still, everyone can choose own balance between risk and profit.

  • You

    Strive to

    • Be aware of what is happening in the crypto market
    • Understand the essence of market events, asset movements and how big money work
    • Steadily increase your capital
    • Learn the Intricacies of crypto trading
    • Observe how professional crypto traders work

    Want to avoid

    • Loss of money due to a misunderstanding of actual processes in the market
    • Traps of manipulators and whales
    • Errors in the construction of a trading system
    • Losses based on an incorrect interpretation of market signals
    • Incompetent advisors and crowd influence
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    • Specify a πŸ’Ό Deposit size for personalised signals
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